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South Pacific Audition Dates:

Thank you to all who auditioned for South Pacific. The production team is giving careful consideration to all who auditioned. Casting will be announced soon!

June 8 and 9, 2015
(Adults only, children 12 and under audition at a later date TBD)

Call Backs (if needed):  June 10th or 11th

Time:  6:30PM to 10:00PM


Narberth Community Theater, inside the Overbrook Presbyterian Church (at the corner of City Line Avenue (Route 1) and Lancaster Avenue (Route 30))
6376 City Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19151

Monologues for South Pacific Audition

NCT Auditions Form

NCT Minor (under 18) Participant Agreement

NCT Participant Agreement and Release

Show Dates:

November 6,7,13,14,20,21 at 8PM; November 8 & 15 at 3PM

Production Team:

Sally Foster-Chang, Director

Raquel Garcia, Music Director and Conductor

Judy Large, Accompanist

Kenneth Fisher, Choreographer

Carol Robinson, Producer

Show Synopsis:

This romantic Rogers and Hammerstein musical is set in the South Pacific Islands during World War II. The story follows a young navy nurse, Nellie Forbush and Lt. Joe Cable as they struggle to overcome long held prejudices and the realities of war as they find themselves in unconventional love affairs: Nellie with an older French plantation owner, Emile de Becque, and Lt. Cable with Liat, the daughter of a colorful local entrepreneur (Bloody Mary).  Comic relief is provided by Luther Billis and an assortment of “Seabees,” fighter pilots and nurses.  Well known songs from the show include: “Some Enchanted Evening”, “Cock-eyed Optimist”, “Nothing Like a Dame” and “Younger than Springtime”.

General Audition Information:

  1. Arrive early enough to allow at least two hours for your audition as you will be asked to read, sing and (possibly) dance.
  2. Be prepared to sing at least 16-32 bars of a song from the show or another selection that demonstrates voice quality and range.  If you choose not to sing a song from South Pacific, bring appropriate additional hard copy sheet music for the accompanist.  Sheet music on an iPad or phone will not suffice!
  3. Come to auditions in comfortable clothing and be prepared to dance (with appropriate shoes). Many of the roles require the ability to dance or at least move well.
  4. Monologues based on the actual script will be available on audition nights and are attached for your review.
  5. There are a few roles where singing may not be required.  If you choose not to sing, please note this on your audition form. Keep in mind some casting decisions may be based on a balance of voice parts for male and female choral numbers.
  6. If a role you are interested in requires a French accent, we have an excellent French accent coach on the production team.
  7. Note:  For “Call Backs”, a song from the show must be performed.
  8. Role descriptions are below.  Diversity encouraged!
For additional information, please leave a message at 610-617-9512. Someone will return your call as soon as possible.



Vocal Part

Nellie Forbush

Young, fresh, optimistic Navy Nurse with moderate dance ability

Mezzo-Soprano or rich lyric Soprano

Emile de Becque

Mature, fit, attractive French Planter (with plausible French accent^)


Joe Cable

Young, attractive, fit, fearless Marine Lieutenant


Luther Billis

Navy Seabee, bit of a con man with dramatic range, likable but always looking for an angle

Tenor or high baritone

Blood Mary

Tonkinese female entrepreneur, bit of con artist, Middle aged, (Diversity encouraged), bit rough around the edges but lovable

Mezzo-Soprano (rich and deep)

Blood Mary’s Assistant (s)

Male or female (Diversity encouraged) – may double as Emile’s hunter friends on Marie Louise Island (no lines)

Any voice part*

Abner, Stewpot, Professor, Quale, Steeves, Johnson and a variety of others all with specific character names

Male Seabees – different shapes and sizes; (will all have lines) need to move well and each will have his own distinct personality

A variety of male voice parts*

Bob McCaffery

Radio Operator (lines)

Any voice part*

Lt. Genevieve Marshall

Head Navy Nurse (lines)

Any voice part*

Lisa, Connie, Janet, Bessie, Pamela, Rita, Sue, Betty, Cora and Dinah

Navy Nurses – will all have lines and must have dance ability (may double as Young French Women) each has her own distinct personality

A variety of female voice parts*


Emile’s House Staff, warm, personable, good with children (lines in French – plausible French accent^)

Any voice part*

Captain George Brackett

Naval Captain, middle aged, used to commanding with a human side (lines)

Any voice part*

Commander William Harbison

Second in command on Navy base – foil for Brackett (lines)

Any voice part*


Bloody Mary’s daughter, Primarily a dancer/actress (Diversity encouraged)

Any voice part*

Lt. Buzz Adams

B-52 Pilot, Cigar smoking, dare devil with attitude (lines)

Any voice part*

French Guests

Must have plausible French Accents^- May double in other roles

Any voice part*

^A “French Accent” coach will be on the production team

*Some casting decisions may be based on ensuring a balance of voice parts and some characters may not be required to sing